Evolving with and for the client.

Since it was founded in 1989, Microcast has manufactured precision components by means of die casting from zinc and its alloys. Their characteristics in terms of resistance, durability and structural integrity make them especially recommended for use in highly specialised sectors such as electronics, industry, lighting and so-called Lifestyle (the achievement of decorative and useful elements and domestic tools).

With a manufacturing plant in Vitoria-Gasteiz and a strong international presence encompassing the Asian, European and American markets (thanks to its headquarters in Singapore and another manufacturing plant in Suzhou, China), Microcast has been able to face the challenges tasked upon by our clients, by constantly evolving and improving with the market and technology, thus being able to offer specific, innovative, consistent and flexible solutions.

The quality of components produced at Microcast, as seen in the stability and durability of said components, has earned us the confidence of a large portfolio of companies that have found a perfect ally in Microcast to meet current and future challenges.

With a wealth of experience in Zinc die casting, it enables us to not only advice our clients on the appropriate material, finishing and design, but also regarding the production processes in accordance with the ever-changing demands of the industry. Our commitment to the personalization and innovation for each client is an indispensable element of progress that positively impacts each and everyone of our customers.

Certified quality and excellence

As a precision die casting company, Microcast is committed to excellence in all stages and facets of the manufacturing process. This can be seen as per our accreditation of the quality certificate DIN ISO 9001:2015.

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