Innovation in zinc die casting

A leader in precision die casting, Microcast has developed its capabilities around the precision die casting process which was specially designed to produce components for use in highly competitive industries with stringent requirements.

At Microcast, we produce die cast components from zinc, a material which allows us to obtain optimum results for our clients as well as the application of an ideal die casting process for obtaining the desired precision.

Hot chamber die casting: multislide die casting technology

The hot chamber die casting process is used in Microcast for the manufacturing of high precision zinc parts.

The zinc die casting process is used to facilitate large repetitive runs, thanks to the effectiveness of the system and the notable depreciation it favours.

At Microcast, in addition to conventional technology, we have multislide technology, that is, multiple slide die casting, also known as “multicavity” or “multislide die casting.

Our processes and technology guarantee great cycle time speed because they allow the achievement of very short cycles of 40 parts per minute and the casting of very complex parts.

Sequence of the zinc die casting process

1The cast metal fills the cylinder.
2The piston pushes the cast metal through the gooseneck towards the injection cavity.
3The metal is kept under pressure until it solidifies.
4The mould is opened and we obtain the cast part, which is pushed out.

Zinc Die Casting: Stability and Flexibility of Design

Zinc die casting offers great advantages over the use of other processes and materials.

High structural stability, being able to be casted into many different shapes and designs and material durability makes zinc die casting highly attractive, as we are able to obtain small and highly durable components of complex geometry and fine walls.