Maximum quality on the manufacture of Zinc Components

We produce specialized zinc alloy die casting parts, according to the requirements and design of our customers.

Our experience, knowledge and capabilities allows us to handle the designing and production of any die cast product, no matter how small or complex, by means of an efficient, flexible and competitive casting process which enables us to offer solutions with high dimensional and structural requirements.

Die cast components for electronics, lighting systems, lifestyle elements, etc… Regardless of the application of the component, at Microcast we strive to produce components of high quality, durability and in accordance to the requirements of our clients. In short, we aim to value add to the companies who place their trust in our products and services.

Our capabilities

  • Consistency in the following tolerances:
  • Weight: from 0.1 g to 1 kg in size.
  • Geometric complexity.
  • Very fine walls.
  • Absence of minimum weight restrictions.

Our advantages

  • Raw material: Highly resistant and flexible zinc.
  • Disposition: The most advanced technology and a professional team at your service.
  • Verification: Testing of materials, moulds and parts.
  • Quality: Certificate ISO 9001: 2015.