Designing and manufacturing of moulds: engineering services for our clients

We design and manufacture our own moulds for the die casting of high-precision zinc components, while providing advice for the castability of the component.

In addition to the designing and production of prototypes and tools, we guarantee the traceability of the product during all phases of manufacturing and final compliance thanks to our additional services of finishing, machining and assembly of parts.

  • Engineering and design: We advise our clients in the design of moulds and parts to guarantee their optimisation during the manufacturing process and efficiency throughout their useful life. We develop processes and tools in accordance with the new needs of the industry and the market.
  • Advanced technology to achieve better quality: Thanks to an advanced simulation software, we are capable of forecasting any problem derived from the die casting process in our moulds, gaining time, reaction capacity and perfection in the final result of the developed part.
  • Exhaustive verification system: All tools or moulds for die casting pass through different phases of quality testing with the aim of eliminating any margin of error and thus guaranteeing maximum longevity.

Additional services

Surface finishes and painting of parts

Machining: die cutting, milling, calibration, etc.

Assembly of sub-groups