Our products

Microcast, we transform your ideas
into precision components

We manufacture components with a high level of precision and multiple industrial applications by means of zinc die casting.

Our capability of casting without minimum weight restrictions allows for us to obtain parts from the range of 0.1g to 1kg. In the electronics, lightings, industrial, decorative and lifestyle sectors, this is a capability that is high in demand.

Zinc is the only material used for die casting in Microcast. The excellent characteristics and versatility shown by Zinc and its alloys for die casting and industrial applications makes it one of the best performing and durable material on the market, while maintaining low material prices.

The manufacturing of components is accomplished through die casting. We have multi-slide technology, which guarantees shorter cycle times as well as conventional technology. We are committed to providing multi-cavity tools as part of our service, whenever possible.

We provide advice and suggestions for components to ensure the castability of the component while not impacting the functionality. Our moulds for the die casting of high-precision zinc components are designed and fabricated in house.

We offer our clients value-added services, such as, plating, machining and assembly of parts.

Our commitments, your competitive advantages

  • Personalisation. Specific solutions for specific problems.
  • Speed. Shorter response time for the manufacturing and designing of components.
  • Reliability. Exhaustive control for the traceability of the product and certified quality management system DIN ISO 9001: 2015.

Engineering, innovation and international calling

At Microcast, we dedicate our knowledge and experience in the engineering and manufacturing design in service to our customers.

Our objective is to ensure optimal results in the manufacturing of die cast zinc components.

Therefore, we are aware of the need for continual investment in new technology to bring about tangible benefits to our valued customers, regardless of country or industry in which they operate, as Microcast was founded with a goal of being an international service provider, which has led us to our current position with a large global presence.

This unwavering commitment from Microcast to the R&D&I department in all stages of the production process results in shorter delivery times, cost reductions, minimum restrictions in manufacturing capacity, compliance with ever-more rigorous environmental requirements…

In short, we aim to provide improved quality of service and components of higher quality, to match or even surpass the demands of our clients.

Our dedicated team utilizes the latest simulation software, which is capable of anticipating and solving any problems in the die casting process. This being one of the initiatives taken in our quest in constant innovation and improved engineering solutions.